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Building Safety

When Do I Need A Permit? Applications, Forms & Registrations

In our everyday lives we all rely on the safety of structures. There is a public need for protection from disaster caused by fire, structural collapse, and general deterioration of the structure. This is the fundamental reason behind the need for building codes and their administration. The intent of the building inspectors is to provide the highest level of expertise possible to protect, life safety, property, and environment through effective plans review and inspection process to ensure code compliance.

To view the 2015 National Building Code Assessment Report published by ISO who recently evaluated the City of Claremont's building code effectiveness please click here

As of April 1, 2010 the City of Claremont has adopted the following codes with any amendments, revisions and re-adoptions in accordance with amendments adopted by the state building code, rules, or local regulations. For a full list of New Hampshire adopted codes click here.


The following information is provided in response to some of the frequent questions that we receive.

The following information is provided in response to some of the frequent questions that we receive.


Current Code: 2017 NFPA70 National Electrical Code



Fuel & Gas

Commercial Hoods Informational Links:

Building Energy Conservation

The State of New Hampshire is currently on the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

For the State Energy Code Web Site (click here)

Compliance Software

Additional Energy Code Links



  • 200 square feet and under do not require a permit
  • 200 square feet and under can be within 5 feet of a lot line
  • Greater than 200 square feet requires plans and a permit
  • Greater than 200 square feet must meet standard zoning requirements

Outdoor Wood Boilers


Commercial Applications

NH licensed electrician required

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Housing Installation Standards

Manufactured Homes Built Before 1976: (pre HUD standards)

  • Must be installed by a NH licensed installer.
  • Will have code requirements of new home (HUD standards do not apply).
  • Engineered installation analyzed by NH licensed PE (professional engineer).

Manufactured Homes Built After 1976: (HUD standards)

  • Must be installed by a NH licensed installer.
  • Manufactured home built to Federal Code (HUD).
  • All site construction to meet current State Building Codes, City Code, and State Statutes.
  • Installed in one of three ways
    1. Per manufacturers install instructions
    2. Per NH State Installation Standards, INST 100-700 & NH Installation Standards
    3. Engineered installation analyzed by NH licensed PE (professional engineer)
  • Licensed installer to provide manufactured home with warranty seal provided by the State

Manufactured Housing Links

State of NH Department of Safety Modular Building Division 603-223-4289

Modular Buildings


The Modular Building Program was created in 1993 and has been in effect since July 1, 1993. The program was established in conjunction with various modular building manufacturers, third party inspection agencies, local and state code enforcement officials. The goal of the program is to assure modular construction is built in accordance with the codes and standards adopted at the state level. Compliance with the program is witnessed by the application of New Hampshire modular labels on each unit.

Modular manufacturers are approved by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. The manufacturer must also have an approved third party inspection agency. The third party inspection agency has architects and engineers on staff to review and approve construction plans, as well as inspectors who perform in process inspections of each unit. The State Fire Marshal’s Office audits the third party inspection agencies and manufacturers on an on-going basis in an attempt to assure product quality and code compliance.

These procedures are in place to take the inspection burden from the local officials and end users. The presence of New Hampshire modular building labels on the units certify the units meet the codes and standards adopted at the state level.

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