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Starting, expanding or bringing a new business to Claremont

Welcome to the Economic Development and Business page. Claremont is emerging as an important center of commerce. Our economic development staff is dedicated to serving the needs of our existing businesses, and to be as helpful as possible for those looking to start or locate a business in Claremont.

If you’re thinking about bringing a business to Claremont, we encourage you to click on the Claremont Advantage link. This economic development page will point you to easy-to-use resources like our GIS Mapping tools and the State of New Hampshire’s “State-to-State Comparison” tool. A welcome kit, with information about infrastructure, daily car travel, and more, can be requested here. More than anything, we hope you’ll reach out – contact information for the Planning and Economic Development Director can be found here.

In addition, this page features information on the Planning Process, the City’s Building Regulations, and some common Forms, Applications, and Permits. We encourage you to reach out to the Planning and Development Department with any questions.